Jan Rauchwerger
Jan Rauchwerger, Noga with a Partition Jan Rauchwerger, Red Wall in the StudioJan Rauchwerger, New ModelJan Rauchwerger, Red Robe #2Jan Rauchwerger, Sonya with a Partition Jan Rauchwerger, Meeting in the Studio
Jan Rauchwerger, Beginning no. 2Jan Rauchwerger, Guest from New York Jan Rauchwerger, Manon, Evening Drawing Jan Rauchwerger, MikaJan Rauchwerger, Tamar Amid PillowsJan Rauchwerger, Morning Light, no. 2
Jan Rauchwerger, AdiJan Rauchwerger, Archaeology, Legs #1Jan Rauchwerger, Female Figure #4Jan Rauchwerger, Mask #1Jan Rauchwerger, Female Figure #7Jan Rauchwerger, Lea
Jan Rauchwerger, LarissaJan Rauchwerger, Beginning no. 1Jan Rauchwerger, Beginning no. 4Jan Rauchwerger, BeginningJan Rauchwerger, Beginning Jan Rauchwerger, Spring Flowers

Born in Bairam-Ali, Turkmenistan, 1942 
Immigrated to Israel, 1973 
Lives and works in Jaffa 

1954-1961 Studied painting at the T. H. Shevchenko High School of Art 
1964-1968 Studied design at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute
1965-1973 Studied painting with Vladimir Weisberg, Moscow 

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

1975 Zvi Noam Art Gallery, Leivik House, Tel Aviv 
1976 Zvi Noam Art Gallery, Leivik House, Tel Aviv 
1978 Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1979 Delson-Richter Gallery, Jaffa 
1980 Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv Culture Center, Rehovot 
1981 Riebenfeld House, Jaffa Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1983 Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv Vorst Gallery, Amsterdam 
"Jan Rauchwerger: Recent Works", Cite des Arts, Paris 
1985 Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv Beit Nehushtan, Kibbutz Ashdot Ya'acov 
1986 Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv
Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot Gallery 
Kibbutz Cabri Gallery 
Maimad Katan Gallery, Tel Aviv 
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem 
1987 "Jan Rauchwerger: Works 1983-86", Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.) 
1988 "Galit Rauchwerger /Jan Rauchwerger: Photographs", Maimad Visual Art Gallery 
1989 "Jan Rauchwerger: In the Family - Art as Autobiography", Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (cat.) 
Orchards., Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv 
Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot Gallery 
1990 "Jan Rauchwerger: Works on Paper", Museum of the Negev, Be'er Sheva (cat.) 
1991 "Nude", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv 
Schloss Britz, Berlin 
1992 Yehudit Levin Selects, Artists' Studios, Tel Aviv 
"Flowers", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1993 Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra Gallery Mizrachi against Rauchwerger, Binelh Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1994 "Jan Rauchwerger: Painting 1983-1993", The Moscow Palette Gallery, Moscow (cat.) Kibbutz Nachshon Gallery 
1995 "Drawings", Studio Gallery, Ra'anana "Jan Rauchwerger: Landscapes of the North", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.) 
"Jan Rauchwerger", Gallery Inge Herbert, Berlin 
1996 "Alisa, Talya, and Tonya from Novosibirsk", Haifa University Art Gallery, Haifa 
1997 "Four hours, period", Reuven Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv (Book: Anthology of poetry and portraits of the poets by Jan Rauchwerger) 
"Recent Paintings", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1998 "Port: Jan Rauchwerger/ Michael Kovner", Haifa Museum, The National Maritime Museum, Haifa (cat.) 2001 
"Jan Rauchwerger 1998-2000", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.) 
2002 "Jan Rauchwerger and Avner Katz, Back to Back", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Jan Rauchwerger: Winter Travel", Goren Art Gallery, Emek Yizrael College 
"Jan Rauchwerger", Recent Works, 2000-2002, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2004 "Shades of Feeling -Jan Rauchwerger Works from 1979 to 2003", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (cat.)  
"Jan Rauchwerger: Russia' from the early 60's", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.) 
"Shades of Feeling", State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow 
2006 "Child's Play", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv "Beyachad Galit Rauchwerger/Jan Rauchwerger", Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2008 "A Portait", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv 
2009 "New Works", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
"Franch Chet: Etchings & Pastels, Artists House", Tel-Aviv 
2011 "Jan Rauchwerger: Works on Paper, Zemack Contemporery Art Gallery", Tel Aviv (cat.)
2013 "Intersection of Har-Tzion & Chachmei Israel", Zemack Contemporery Art Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"The Ball of My Life, Prints & more", The Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri 
2015 "Parthenon in My Life", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2016 "Lost Form", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017  "Ingathering" 10th Anniversary to The Rappaport Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art,                          Tel Aviv 
Prizes and Awards

1984 Israel Discount Bank Prize for an Israeli Artist, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
1986 Oscar Hendler Priae, Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot 
1998 Meir Dizengoff Prize for Painting, Tet Aviv Municipality 
2007 Rapaport Prize, Tel Aviv Museum 

Selected Publications

Omer, Mordechai. Jan Rauchwerger: Works 1983-86. Tel Aviv: Ephrat Gallety, 1987. 

Omer, Mordechai. Jan Rauchwerger: In the Family –Art as Autobiography. Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, 1989. (Hebrew) 

Yelshevskaya, Galina. Jan Rauchwerger; Painting 1983-1993. The Moscow Palette Gallery, 1994. 

Baruch, Adam. Jan Rauchwerger: Landscapes of the North. Tel Aviv: Bineth Gallery, 1995. 

Ofrat, Gideon. One Hundred Years of Art in Israel. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1998. 

Talmor, Daniella. Port: Jan Rauchwerger /Michael Kovner. Haifa: The National Maritime Museum, 1998.

Apter-Gabriel, Ruth and Tali Tamir. Shades of Feeling, Jan Rauchwerger, Works from 1979-2003. Jerusalem: The Israel Museum, 2004. 

Omer, Mordechai (ed). Jan Rauchwerger, A Portrait. Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2008.



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